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Musk is failing fast

Let’s see: firing 75% of the Twitter workforce, often by email, at least one in the middle of a business meeting (why did anyone schedule a business meeting on Grim Reaper Day anyway???), and in violation of the WARN Act. Corporate misbehavior and law-breaking is why we have laws and regulations….there’s ALWAYS a reason. But I digress.

Musk’s outsized ego is truly sending him splattered on the pavement. He will not walk away from this clean. As with many entrepreneurs – and corporate CEOs – there comes a time when they need to move on. The company evolved, the industry and markets evolved, and what made them valued and successful no longer works.

Meanwhile, other companies are starting to put out invites to Twitter employees to come on over, as the grass really is greener. For companies, including startups and young companies, this can be golden opportunities to get the skills and experience they need for a cost they can handle. Post-pandemic, managers and employees have some experience in working remotely, and we are all learning more and getting better at it. In short – the risk of a job switch is lowered for everyone.

Franky, Musk’s behavior is so unethical and amoral that I hope he lives up to a Silicon Valley maxim: fail fast. Someone…or ones….can buy it cheap and rebuild. I think that Twitter can continue as the primary vehicle for a very wide mainstream flow of information and opinions. It won’t be easy, and mistakes will be made, but it could work (?)

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